and experienced

practitioner of the

dark arts of BDSM




A little about your Mistress...

I am a beautiful blonde goddess, and from our first introduction, you will treat me with the utmost respect. From your first email, text or phone call you will address me as Mistress!





















I am a curvy size 10 with a natural bust of 34f. My bottom is toned as are my legs making me strong and powerful. I am 5'5",yet 6' in heels. From our first meeting, you will look into my eyes and know that I can see right into your soul.  I know all the dark secrets are hiding there... you will not be able to escape me. You will confess your secrets to me, and then I will consume you.  I will make you my slave for all eternity... your only purpose in life will be to make me happy.


Through the course of our sessions, we will delve into the darkest parts of your mind together making you will feel elated and satisfied. After you leave, you will crave to see me again for I am a sexy seductress who will enchant your body and own your mind. Together we will embark on a mutually satisfying journey into the dark arts of BDSM. I cater to all types of subs, slaves and sissies. I am particularly fond of newbies and will ease you into my world where you feel 100% safe yet the vulnerability you crave at the same time... Do not be afraid to make contact I do not bite... you will find me approachable endearing and understanding of your needs...


Whatever your fantasy we can discuss how to make it happen.

You may respectfully contact me via email or fill out a booking form via the booking page.


Call me 07491 558622


07491 558622